What will give you best bang for buck a mid-ranger or flagship phone? Lets check out pros and cons for both.

Mid-ranger every year

  • Advantages: - Now day mid-range phone has enough power that you don’t miss most of the high-end feature.
  • There are cheaper and if you can upgrade by a buyback offer you get the new mid-range quite cheap.
  • The phone market is changing very fast.. new design/features are added every 6 months or so .. if you want to be in touch with current trend economically buying mid-range make sense.
  • Dis-Advantages: - Mid-ranger will not give the best in every department. You will have to compromise at some point.

Flagship every other year

  • Advantages: - You get the best feature which is comparable to mid-range even after a year. So you don’t have to compromise anything for the 1st year and another year you will have to compromise.
  • It makes sense if you can take care of the phone, as after a year wear and tear is quite visible.

  • Dis-Advantages: - You will be stuck with a year old phone.
  • Buyback generally is bad after a year.

So basically it depends on your personal preference if you can manage a phone for 2 years without the temptation of a new phone then go for a flagship phone every alternate year or you can buy a mid-range every year. Let me know your views in comments.

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