We all purchase lots of thing every month. I am starting this new series in which I will put down my views about at least one product which has given me the most value. All the product reviwed in this section is purchased by me and there is no sponsarship about it. So will give you my honest opinion.

This month my most priced possesion is Honor Magic 2. Honor is now becoming front runners in bringing innovative products and a price point which dont give you a pinch.

Finally got my hands on Honor Magic 2. It is very difficult to get your hands on it as it gets sold out in China. Honor Magic 2 is full display smartphone which has a slider mechanism for front facing camera.

What I liked the most:

  1. Full screen and display is gorgeous
  2. Battery life can easily go for 2 days. I am a fan of long battery life
  3. Looks it's a head turner. Just looks awesome.
  4. Digital Balance is a software feature which makes your display grey scale and avoids few apps usage after certain usage time. This helps me to sleep faster ;)
  5. Quick Charge is so fast, you get 80% charge in 30 mins.

What I would like them to improve on:

  1. In-screen fingerprint needs to be faster.
  2. Glass body seems fragile
  3. Still does support volte this was a quite a turnoff.
  4. While plugging out the charger phone slides :).

If anyone want this phone from China do contact me :).

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