Walking 10000 steps

Many health experts now recommend walking 10000 steps daily this it self is the best form of exercise. 10000 steps is actually comes to 8.5 km of walk which takes approx 2 hrs of walking minimum. Many of us in today life style don’t even walk 3000 steps a day. Average walk per day max out between 5000 to 6000 steps.

So if you are targeting 10000 steps you need to actually have to make additional efforts. One way of achieving it is walking back home. As winter is getting set in Mumbai it is a nice cool climate so actually can think of walking back home.

Some of the benefits of walking are:
1. You can lose weight as its the best and easy form of exercise.
2. Will increase your endurance level and stamina.

You can use many apps currently available for measuring how much you walk. My favorite is a app called Moves you can read more about it here

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