One Goal per Day

set1goalMany books and business gurus suggest to have more than 1 goal per day in your todo list and so at the end if you achive even of them at the end of the day you will satisfied. But this bring lots of distraction and then there is also need to priorities your goal list. I suggest we make it simple and stick to just 1 goal per day.

There are various benefits of having just 1 goal per day some of them are:

  • You are more focus. As you are concentrating on achieving just 1 goal.
  • You are motivated and do not procrastinate as you just have to complete just 1 goal.
  • You feel more confident as you have completed what you had set in mind for that day.
  • Chances of getting that goal completed is more than 80%.

If the goal is too big then break it in to a sub task and focus only on 1 sub task for the day which can be completed in a day. In worst case scenario even if you cannot complete that goal you are at least moving towards what is just 1 thing which is important in your life. So what is your goal for today?

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