The Art of learning by Joshua Waitzkin

artoflearningThe Art of learning is like a autobiography of Joshua Waitzkin a National Chess Champion and National and International Champion of Tai Chi. In his journey of learning Joshua help us identify key learning techniques. Few of them are listed below:

  1. Create smaller circle, break things in to smaller parts.
  2. Create rest (break) periods between stress (it could be as less as 60 secs).
  3. Create routine to get in to relax mood (playing catches with kids) and substitute it with work in long run.
  4. Getting in the zone faster (by decreasing time of routine for relaxing)
  5. Keep your self in optimal state (5 almond every 45 min so you are not hungry)
  6. Life is never fair so dirty players were my best teachers, dont let them get into your head.

A must read book to help you identify your learning process and how to reduce stress level. Check out at the book at Amazon by clicking here. Also you can check out sample audio chapters by clicking here.

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