How to beat Procrastination

procrastination-breaking-habitMany times we feel of holding back the some important but difficult or non interesting task. And we then to put that work in pending for the last moment when its very critical to do it.There are few ways in which you can beat Procrastination:

  • Reward your self when you complete such task. Example will reward my self by a eating sweets/chocolate etc once I complete this task.
  • Challenge your self example challenge your self that you can do it.
  • Delay gratification example: will eat food / see a movie / play a game only when my task is completed
  • Take a 5 min off from every thing focus on the task which you want to do and then just do it NOW.

This are few of the technique which I have been using to beat procrastination. Do let me know in comments if you have any other solution for the same will love to get your solution/feedback.


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