Google IO 2014


  • Android One – Hardware Specs and Android OS provide by google so that OEM can make it easy and cheaply manufacture it. Launching in India first with Micromax, Spice and Karbon phones this fall.
  • L Preview – Developer will get a Preview of upcomming build on android. Introduced Material Design same desing to different Screen size and products. Style guidelines. For more check out at Showing preview. Personal locking will not ask for security if phone know you are around (using blue tooth). Card Style every where on web and android using material design.
  • We can see all the presenter are wearing Android watch hoping for this launched today.
  • Enhancing Search and App opening directly for google search on mobile. App can share content with google so that they can get personalized search .. I think will be a public privacy issue.
  • ART new complier replacing Darwik in android will make app run fasters and is more memory efficient. And its 64 bit. No recode required by App developers.
  • GPU is enhanced using Android Extension Pack will give PC like graphics on mobile devices.
  • Project Volta to increase battery life. More better Battery measuring tool called Battery Historian. New job scheduler API to reduce calls to GPRS etc. Battery Saver app build in.
  • L Developer Preview available from tomorrow on developer console. Which has 5000 new API’s.
  • Google Play Services ships every 6 weeks help google apps to update all their products regardless of android update.
  • You can pick up where you left off on any devices. Android wear supports square and circular screens.
  • On average us see your phone 125 times a day.
  • Android ware is google watch as of now which is sync will google platform. You set reminders from it using voice.
  • Google watch can send sms and pick up calls. Connected with your phone by blue tooth. It gives timely information as and when needed. Can check how many steps walked and heart rate monitor if your phone supports.
  • Android Wear SDK fully launched you can code for Android wear.
  • Android wear is kept updated directly by apps which are installed on connected mobile.
  • All the android wear watches are water registrant
  • LG, Samsung watches will be available today.
  • Android Auto moving android in car navigation, music etc. Launching Android Auto SDK for audio and messaging. Over 40 car manufactures will bring this. 1st car will be launched before this year end.
  • Android TV is powered by voice. Like your media center. Can be controlled by Android watch or mobile app too. You can play games too. Work like chromecast too. Will be launched on Fall with release of Android L.
  • Google Cast SDK can share content without sharing the wifi. Can use TV as photo frame. Can show on your phone what is currently on your chrome cast. Allow mirror any android device on your TV.
  • Chrome book – auto unlock if your phone is connected with it. Incoming call , text message and notification will be showed on chrome book. Android Apps can be launched and run in chrome book still in beta.
  • Android for work – Personal and Cooperate application can be install on the same device. Security will be kept in check.
  • Native office editing of files. Directly edit and save office files without moving to google drive.
  • Google Cloud – Cloud Save , Debugger , Trace, Monitoring and Dataflow  all new features launched.
  • Google Play – Appurify test apps on various device and networks.
  • Google Fit API to correlate all fitness activity
  • Gave away : LG or Samsung watch and motorola 360 once its available.
  • And finally google giving away cardboard a virtual reality on your smartphone app for more check out at

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