Change your environment to Change your Habits

Environment image.1To change any habits is quite difficult even to those who are committed to it. Any change needs to be remembered, needs lots of practice before our mind automates it and then it becomes our habit. To make this transition smooth we can change our environment so that we are compelled to remember it and incorporate it. I think its better explained with few examples:

1. You need to drink more water then make sure a water bottle and glass (which is always filled) is at your desk. So that it will be always be handy and your chances of drinking water will increase.
2. You need to walk more then buy a new shoes that will give you motivation to walk more as it does with kids when we give them something new. I preferred to buy a heavy shoes so that I can get more benefits by walking.
3. If you want to stop a habit make it difficult to access. Like keep the cookie jar to up on the shelf so that if I want it will need to make extra effort to reach to it.

Do let me know your views on the same. I am too exploring new avenues just like you all.

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