So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport a book which debunks passion euphoria

cantignoreuThis book goes against the popular saying which is very hyped in todays era,that is work what you are passionate about. Cal Newport argues that passion alone will not be enough and by series of steps he concludes that Working right trumps finding the right work.

Following are the rules suggested by Cal Newport:
1. Don’t Follow your Passion : Many of us get confused by our hobbies as our passion. Also our passion keeps on changing. Hence following your passion is not a right solution. In this book you can get countless examples of the same.

2. Be so good they Can’t ignore you (Career Capital) : Try to do deliberate work, so that you can accumulate career capital. You get valued in your profession. This is very important as only once you get this you can start negotiating by your term.

3.  Importance of Control : Once you have acquired Career Capital then you can negotiate by your terms for control. Example you can negotiate working remotely or get a off for a month to visit a country or study other things.
Pursue a project only if people are willing to pay you for it, this will help you to judge if a project is worth it and that you are in control.

4. Importance of Mission : To stay focus you will need to have a Mission Statement. What you want to achieve in your life by your work. This will not come early in the career and you should attempt only once you acquire enough Career Capital so that you know exactly what you want. Once you have define your Mission Statement, try achieving it by taking small bets (risks).

So Good They Can’t Ignore You is quite a good book and you will love reading it. It will take max 7 to 10 days to read this book. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking it here.


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