One Thing by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary

onethingIn The One Thing by Gary, helps you focus just One thing in your life, by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary. Its easy to read and very informative. In it he talks about various excuses which does come in the way of doing your One thing like everything matters, multi tasking, trying to achieve disciplined and balanced life.

It encourage you to create a block of time available to your self for achieving your One Thing every day and make sure nothing can interfere that time if possible. If some days you cannot give that time you need to adjust that time in future.

Talks about 4 thieves which will steal your time and distract you:
1. Inability to Say NO.
2. Fear of Chaos.
3. Poor Health Habits.
4. Environment Doesn’t Support Your Goals.

You can also check out youtube video of the introduction of the book:


This book encourage me to work on a App I wanted to more many years now. So what is your one thing?

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