Tips : How to keep your aquarium fish in good health

fish-aquariumAs we discussed how to start your own aquarium in our last post. Let us look at how to take care of your aquarium. Following are few tips:

1. Change 25% of water every 7- 10 days.
2. While introducing a new fish, put the fish with the plastic bag inside the aquarium for 45 mins so that fish gets a custom to the water temperature and tank. Then with a help of the net just put the fish into the tank, try not to pour the water which came with the fish as it might contain contamination (I have learned this after a long time).
3. Make sure to clean the full tank at least every month.
4. Quantity of the food should be such that nothing remains after 5 mins or else the food will start spoiling the water.
5. Always reconfirm with the seller about compatibility of new fish you are going to buy with the one you already have.

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