How to increase the DPI of your Android device without rooting

Coolpad-note-3-dpi-400-1024x587Android phone now comes screen resolution that is significantly higher still all devices display a similar or even lesser amount of information on their screen. I love my screens to have as much information as possible.

Check out following steps:

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging on your Android device from Settings -> Developer Options. (The Developer option menu is hidden by default. To enabled it go to Settings -> About Phone and tapping on ‘Build Number’ 7 times.)

Step 2: Download and install ADB drivers and Minimal ADB for Windows from below.

Step 3: Now execute the following command in the command prompt window.

adb shell wm density “INSERT_DPI” && adb reboot

Make sure to replace “INSERT_DPI” with a value of your choice. (eg: adb shell wm density 320 && adb reboot) A lower DPI will lead to more information being displayed on the screen, while a higher value will do vice versa. After the command is executed your phone will reboot.

If you want to reset the DPI back to its original value, run the following command in ADB:

adb shell wm size reset && adb reboot

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