Having baths with Cold water (normal tap water)

coldwaterbathThere are many things which we all want to do in life. Few of them are just a small change in habits, which we just can’t implement. One of it for me was having bath with normal tap water. We all love to have bath in cozy warm water. Having just a thought about cold water bath gives chills in my spine. To implement this in my normal day life was just out of question.

There are many benefits of having cold water baths, such as it reduces stress, increases alertness, improves your skin & hair, helps you lose weight, improve immunity, speed up muscle recovery, and many more. So I always wanted to start cold water bath, but never had courage to do so.

Sometime circumstances help you achieve things you never thought possible. Recently I had a 20 day trip to Africa, during this trip we stayed in an apartment which was still under renovation, hence there was no facility of warm water.

First day most of use skip bath (I know it’s gross ;)) and tried to arrange for a water heater, which we can use to warm water in a bucket and then have a bath with it. The issue was the time it takes to warm a bucket of water was too much and also it restricts you with a quota of just 1 bucket of warm water. So we had no choice, but to start having bath with cold water. First few days were dreadful, but then once you start it you feel much more refreshed.

Cold water recharges and energizes all the cells in your body. You feel much more refreshed & light and you waste less time having bath (as the water is cold ;)). So it’s a win-win both on health as well as time prospective.

After 20 days or so, now I am back to the comfort of my home, having luxury of warm bath. So now the real challenge starts. Challenge is to still have bath with cold water when hot water is just a switch away. I am holding strong from last one week and hope to continue in future, wish me all the best 🙂 Personally it’s one less thing I need to be comfortable in this world.

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