Spare 2 mins now to organize or you will have to spend 2 days afterward

In crises, we ignore to organize or set things in proper place. Normally each and every one has some sets of rules of organizing them self (eg: if I get an email from x what priority it is and in which folder to put into).

Technology (especially Google) have inherently made us disorganized as anything is now searchable and easily found. But still, there are times when even the best of search engine fails to search the specific photo or document you might need after a year or so.

Hence it is better to organize yourself. Normally it takes less than 30 secs to 2 mins to pause think and act when you have a task in hand. This investment of 2 mins will be one of the best investment of time you can make, as when the same thing is needed 2 yrs down the line and that too urgently, this 2 mins will be able to save you lot of time, anxiety and even money.

So start giving yourself liberty of 2 mins to get organized, so you can avert future crises.

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