Tata nano gives you go-cart feeling

I am driving Tata nano for quite a few years now. The best experience of having a small car is that it gives you a feeling of driving a go-cart.

People normally assume that Nano is a city car. But you can take it to anywhere. I have gone to Khandala (94 Km), Pune (160 Km), Panchgani (257 Km), Surat (306 Km) and the longest drive yet is to Rampura (518 Km).

Nano is a small car with a small engine so you cannot expect it to go very fast. The top speed you can go is up to 105Km/per hr if you try to go faster then that your engine cuts off and engine start automatically once speed is lower than 105 km/per hr.

But it sure is a fun car to drive. It looks small, but those who sit in one feels its quite spacious, being so small package. If you have not driven one I hight recommend have a drive while you can as it might look like it will get discontinued soon.

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