Deep sleep

Deep sleep is a mysterious state that we usually enter several times each night. Its nature is somewhat less well known. We know very little about deep sleep. One thing we surely know is the more deep sleep we have better is the quality of sleep and you feel fresh the next morning.

There are 4 stages of sleep

  1. Stage 1: Non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM), or dreamless sleep, occurs after you have decided to sleep and your eyes are closed. During this stage—which typically lasts between 1 and 10 minutes—you are lightly asleep, and you can quickly return to being fully awake.
  2. Stage 2: Which usually lasts about 20 minutes, is characterized by a slowing heart rate and a decrease in body temperature. Your body reduces its activity to prepare you to go into a deep sleep. It becomes harder to wake you up.
  3. Stage 3: Typically starts 35-45 minutes after falling asleep. As electroencephalograms show, our brain waves slow down and become larger. At this point, you sleep through most potential sleep disturbances (noises and movements) without showing any reaction.
  4. Stage 4: This is the final stage of a standard sleep cycle. The first rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage lasts around 10 minutes and usually happens after having been asleep at least 90 minutes. As its name indicates, your eyes move rapidly in all directions during Rapid Eye Movement sleep. It is during this stage of sleep (the deepest) that powerful dreams usually happen. Same goes for sleepwalking and bedwetting episodes.

It is a known fact that we cannot leave without Water and Sleep. As this 2 factor affects us the most. So make sure you get good quality of sleep every night as there is no substitute for it.

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