How to increase Deep Sleep

Sleep is one of the most critical tasks for every person which needs to be done every day, you just cannot neglect it for a longer period of time. If you don’t sleep properly it affects your mental as well as physical health. The key is to get more deep sleep even if you sleep less then still you can be active and fresh. The only problem is how do you increase deep sleep? As per my experience following 3 things will help you achieve better and longer deep sleep.

  1. Satisfied lifestyle: You should feel content and happy at the end of the day. This itself will increase not just quality of sleep, but also will help you achieve a sense of importance and belonging.
  2. Be Active: You need to be active thru out day this can be easily achieved by either play any outdoor games or make sure you do at least 30 mins exercise. This will not only help you to keep your self physically fit but also keep you mentally fit.
  3. Increase your Sleep in a comfortable environment: If you sleep more in a dark room with no distraction or noise with temperature no more than 24 degrees celsius, chances are you will be getting more deep sleep.

So try out this and let me know your feedback and tips for achieving Better and Longer Deep Sleep.

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