‘YouTube Vanced’ with background play, Dark Mode, and No ads for Android

Number one reason I love modified YouTube Vanced is the ability to play even when the app is in the background. Sometimes you use youtube to only listen to things or while watching a video you just need that few seconds to reply to a message and you don’t want to stop the video playing. You will need to install MicroG if you want to login into your Youtube account (Without MicroG, add account button won’t do anything.) and then need to install appropriate version for your device from https://vanced.azurewebsites.net/.

For most users you will require to download and install the following 2 apks:
For MicroG: https://www.dropbox.com/s/435szx4xs1yciun/microG_YouTube_Vanced_0.2.4-105.apk?dl=0
For YouTube Vanced: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lckk5bp6zntklzs/YouTube_13.23.59_API21%28arm64-v8a_armeabi-v7a_x86_x86_64%29%28nodpi%29%28vDark-v1.1.0%29-vanced.apk?dl=0

Goto setting by clicking on your profile icon on upper-right corner and then clicking on Settings to change to a Dark theme and other options.

It can also block Ads and its all Free. So what are you waiting for download it now, install and enjoy.

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