Is it worth to upgrade to MacOS 11 Big Sur?

One of the big questions in the mac community is that should I upgrade to mac os 11 Big Sur? The biggest fear was about the current status of Mac os Catalina which has many issues and bugs.
So what made me jump for the beta was a basic problem I was facing. As we all are using more and more things on the web, the most important app for any of us now is the browser.
So what got me interested was the promise of the better battery life and claim of 50% faster website load times by using the safari browser available with Big Sur.
So I took the risk and upgraded to a beta version of Big Sur. And I am glad to inform you that it works right out of the box. The new look and feel are debatable, but I don’t mind the new look. The best part is it is snappy and it has converted my old mac 2017 to a new mac. There are hardly any bugs and the system is stable and fast. Safari browser has also not disappointed me. It is fast and optimizes to take less processing power and battery power. I am happy that I took the risk and really enjoying the new OS and if you can you should upgrade it too. Let me know your suggestions
in the comment section below.

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Advanced Table Plugin

Grid.js is a Free and open-source HTML table plugin written in TypeScript. It works with most JavaScript frameworks, including ReactAngularVue and VanillaJs.

  • Small. Only 12kb with all plugins (minified and gzipped)
  • Fast! Grid.js has an internal pipeline that takes care of caching and processing data
  • Works with all web frameworks
  • Supports all modern web-browsers
  • No vendor lock-in
  • MIT licensed and Free!

You can check out how to install and use it at

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Check if you are following Social Distancing by using this tool

In current covid-19 situation maintaining Social Distancing is a must. Google has created this nice little tool to make sure we are following it. Sodar is an experiment which uses WebXR to visualise 2m social distancing guidelines in your environment. To do this, Sodar creates an augmented reality two-meter radius ring around you. To launch Sodar, please visit using the Chrome browser on an Android device.

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Azure Data Studio open source client to connect Microsoft SQL

Azure Data Studio is a data management tool that enables you to work with SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and SQL DW from Windows, macOS and Linux.

Some of the Feature Highlights

  • Cross-Platform DB management for Windows, macOS and Linux with simple XCopy deployment
  • SQL Server Connection Management with Connection Dialog, Server Groups, Azure Integration and Registered Servers
  • Object Explorer supporting schema browsing and contextual command execution
  • T-SQL Query Editor with advanced coding features such as autosuggestions, error diagnostics, tooltips, formatting and peek definition
  • Query Results Viewer with advanced data grid supporting large result sets, export to JSON\CSV\Excel, query plan and charting
  • Management Dashboard supporting customizable widgets with drill-through actionable insights
  • Visual Data Editor that enables direct row insertion, update and deletion into tables
  • Backup and Restore dialogs that enables advanced customization and remote filesystem browsing, configured tasks can be executed or scripted
  • Task History window to view current task execution status, completion results with error messages and task T-SQL scripting
  • Scripting support to generate CREATE, SELECT, ALTER and DROP statements for database objects
  • Workspaces with full Git integration and Find In Files support to managing T-SQL script libraries
  • Modern light-weight shell with theming, user settings, full-screen support, integrated terminal and numerous other features

It is available for all 3 platforms Windows, Mac and Linux you can download it from


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Cool down your Macs and increase their performance

Overheating has become a common issue with Macs. Actually, believe it or not, thanks to Chrome, your mac may even be overheating when you are just BROWSING the web. Having an overheated Mac isn’t just uncomfortable to use, but as someone who likes to take full advantage of his technology, an utter waste of precious dollars spent. When the CPU reaches a temperature high enough, it will do anything to cool down the computer, which means slashing down your CPU’s performance.

Apple’s stubbornness to increase the speed of them. At times I’ve seen my Macbook go to upwards of 55 celsius and yet the fans are barely turned up and heard.

A simple yet very effective way to solve 90% of this problem is to simply turn up the fans manually. I would recommend maxing out your fans before doing something heavy, and leave the fans on until you are done with the task. I recommend using MacFanControl for this. Their service is completely free without ads, and I have been started using them now.

Install it today from and see the difference.

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Useful github commands

Github is the most popular version control software. After Microsoft has purchased it, they have made private repositories free.  Following are some of the common command which are useful:

install git for mac:

sudo yum install git -y

clone a repository:

git clone UrlOfGitRepo

add new files or changes:

git add .

commit new files/changes:

git commit -n "message"

push changes online:

git push

remember username / password:

git config credential.helper store
git push



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Book Review: The Art of Possibility

The book is inspiring, thought-provoking, and packed with strategies and actions that each of us can take to transform our thinking and our lives. The book is built upon 12 practices. I will briefly review them here and then encourage you to dig deeper by reading the book.

1.) It’s All Invented

How we view life and opportunity is determined by our attitude toward circumstances. Therefore, every opportunity is either stifled or embraced. Therefore, we have the responsibility to “invent” our opportunities.

How to Practice “it’s all invented” (page 15)

What assumption am I making,
That I’m not aware I’m making,
That gives me what I see?

After you have an answer, Ask
What might I now invent,
That I haven’t yet invented,
That would give me other choices?

2.) Stepping Into a Universe of Possibility

A possibility is a universe we step into when we step out of the universe of the world of measurement.

“Let us suppose, now, that a universe of possibility stretches beyond the world of measurement to include all worlds: infinite, generative, and abundant. Unimpeded on a daily basis by the concern for survival, free from the generalized assumption of scarcity, a person stands in the great space of possibility in a posture of openness, with an unfettered imagination for what can be.” (page 19)

3.) Giving an A

How would people react, respond and perform if we gave them an A upfront and allowed them to either live up to the A or reject our early assumption? In a world of measurement, we try to make people earn their grade, but in a world of possibility, we allow them to live into an A+.

4.) Being a Contribution

In a world of possibility… “absent are the familiar measurements of progress. Instead, life is revealed as a place to contribute and we as contributors. Not because we have done a measurable amount of good, but because that is the story we tell.” (page 56)

5.) Leading from Any Chair

Not only are we responsible to lead wherever we find ourselves, but as leaders, we are responsible to give others the opportunity to contribute as “silent conductors”. A team is not simply as good as it’s leader, although that is important. A team is as good as it’s silent leaders… those who lead from wherever they find themselves in an organization.

Every leader should ask himself when most frustrated with the performance of his team, “Who am I being that they are not shining?”

6.) Rule Number 6

Lighten up! We are only here for a short time and why should we spend it refusing to laugh at ourselves? In the midst of tight tension, one of the most powerful things you can do is laugh and make others laugh.

7.) The Way Things Are

“…be present to the way things are. Being present to the way things are is not the same as accepting things as they are in (a) resigned way. It doesn’t mean you should drown out your negative feelings or pretend you like what you really can’t stand. It doesn’t mean you should work to achieve some ‘higher plane of existence’ so you can ‘transcend negativity.’ It simply means, being present without resistance: being present to what is happening and present to your reactions, no matter how intense.” (Page 100)

Why fight with ourselves with what is? It’s OK to hurt and be confused. Rest in it. Do what you have to do to change things, but it is not helpful to live in resigned defeat.

8.) Giving Way to Passion

“If I were to wish for anything I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of what can be, for the eye, which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating as a possibility?” Soren Kierkegaard quote (page 113)

2 Steps to Giving Way to Passion:
a. Notice where you are holding back, and let go. Release those barriers of self that keep you separate and in control, and let the vital energy of passion surge through you connecting you to all beyond.
b. Participate wholly. Allow yourself to be a channel to shape the stream of passion into a new expression for the world. (page 114)

Zander encourages us to live long lines. Do not be distracted by the cares of the world that lure us from the overall purpose and passion of our lives. As a musician misses the beauty of the long lines of music by trying to perfect every note and harmony, so we miss the purpose of our lives by beginning distracted by the little things that nag at us day to day.

9.) Lighting a Spark

Communicating creatively and going out of our way to get our message across is the key to the full involvement of others in our vision.

“Enrollment is the practice of this chapter. Enrolling is not about cajoling, tricking, bargaining, pressuring, or guilt-tripping someone into doing something your way. Enrollment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share.” (page 125)

10.) Being the Board

Emotional involvement blinds. Objectivity illuminates.

Zander encourages us to “rename yourself as the board on which the whole game is being played.” (page 141)

In other words, you are where you are and experience what you experience because of what you’ve done. When we use the tactic of blame we close the door to possibility. When I proclaim that situations are the way they are because someone else reacted, responded, or acted the way they did, I lose my power to “steer the situation in another direction, to learn from it, or to put us in good relationship with each other.” Do not close the door by proclaiming blame, but live in the world of possibility by taking responsibility to find a way in which things change for the good.

Develop the habit of emotionally stepping back and evaluating the game that is being played on the game board of your life… be the board.

11.) Frameworks for Possibility

Paint pictures of hope when you are casting vision. Reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech on the Mall in Washington. King had a dream and he created the framework for the possibility of a better nation. Within the boundaries of that frame, he and others gave their lives to create the broad strokes of a vision. Later the details were added and a beautiful painting of a nation offering dignity and hope to all men and women emerged from the canvas.

Build the frame and paint the broad strokes and allow others to be enrolled in the vision so that together a beautiful work of art is created.

12.) Telling the WE Story

“More often than not history is a record of conflict between the US and THEM. We see this pattern expressed across a broad spectrum: nation to nation, among political parties, between labour and management, and in the most intimate realms of our lives… We have distinguished a new entity that personifies the “togetherness” of you and me and others. This entity, the WE, can be found among any two people, in any community or organization, and it can be thought of, in poetic terms, as a melody running through the people of the earth… The WE appears when, for the moment, we set aside the story of fear, competition, and struggle, and tell its story.”

In what areas of your life… in what social or organizational context… in which relationships are you telling the WE story?

I hope I’ve given you enough to chew on, but not to much to satisfy your appetite. Read the book! Maybe your paradigm, like mine, will be challenged and tweaked to produce a better you and a better them (or should I say a better us) for those people with which you do life together! You can get your copy from


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TVUsage android TV app to monitor your TV usage

In the current time of lockdowns. Usage of TV and streaming service has increased 4 times. TVUsage is one of the newer Android TV apps comparatively speaking. It introduces digital wellbeing features to Android TV. You can actually view quite a few stats with this, including your daily and weekly usage habits. There are some other features as well. For instance, you can limit your daily screen time limit and get reminders when it’s time to stop watching TV. Additionally, it can pin lock any Android TV app (great for those with kids), exclude apps if you want to track usage, and a few other things.
You can download it from Try out and you will be amazed by how much time your kids/family are watching TV.


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Play Counter-Strike 1.6 in your browser

Counter-Strike is one of the most played online games of history, Many games like Fortnite or PUBG have got inspired by this PC game. And now I was so thrilled to know that you can just play this in a Browser. So what are you waiting for just visit and invite your friends or join one of the online servers. Just want to warn you to find a server to play with will be difficult (Due to huge demand) so do keep some patience and enjoy the game.

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AWS services explained in one line each

AWS has many services and soon it gets very complicated. There are a lot of AWS services available. And I do mean: a LOT. Currently, there are 163 different services that are available from the Amazon Dashboard, each with their own way of working, difficulties, catches and best practises.

Visit for easy one liner to understand all AWS services.

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