Admonere Relaunch

Finally after 2 yrs of successful launch of Admonere for the first time. Now was a time that we relaunch our popular web app.
New look is much faster on loading and is now up to the mark with the current web standards. Also with the new design we have added many new features some of the prominent features are:

  1. Now we have added Pro Credit Feature. Once you are a Pro Credit users you will be able to add your signature logo and website link to all your emails reminders. You can add/update the same from Setting Menu.
  2. By default every New Year you will receive 250 Credit for free. By which you will be able to receive 250 reminders. If you want more reminders you will have to buy more Credits.
  3. You can buy Pro Credits by clicking on Pro Credit Left link on the top.
  4. All our prime customers will receive 1000 Credits for current year.

So check out the new and improved Admonere and do let us know your feedback.

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Do you forget Birthdays, Anniversary of your Loved once?

Many times we forget Birthdays, Anniversaries of our Loved once… Or we recollect at a last moment and then we are scrambling to find any gifts which we can get our hands on. Now Admonere solve this problem by reminding you 1 day ahead so that you can plan out your surprises / parties etc..

So now not only Admonere will wish your loved once on behalf of you … but also will remind you 1 day ahead. Isn’t it great?  And best part is that its FREE so click here to register NOW!!
Let us know your views in comments. Also any feedback and suggestion are welcome.

Admonere : Updates and New Features add

Finally Admonere is recode in PHP. The benefits of it is that site is much faster and many restrictions while coding are now lifted. Some of the New features are:
1. Emails are now much faster.
2. Search added in List events so its easy to search and edit events.
3. Many bugs are removed.
4. Simplified the process.
Hope you all enjoy it using is as much we have enjoyed it coding. Your comments / feedback are always welcome.