Mac : Storage Management

Mac has a built in Storage manager which not many people know about it. To access it open spotlight and type Storage Management click on the app. You should see the screen below:

Click on the Review Files and you will be able to see Large files, Unsupported Apps, which folder is using how much space etc.

It is quite a handy tool, so check out and use it today to clean up your hard disk.

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Useful github commands

Github is the most popular version control software. After Microsoft has purchased it, they have made private repositories free.  Following are some of the common command which are useful:
install git for mac:

sudo yum install git -y

clone a repository:

git clone UrlOfGitRepo

add new files or changes:

git add .

commit new files/changes:

git commit -n "message"

push changes online:

git push

remember username / password:

git config credential.helper store
git push


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Play Counter-Strike 1.6 in your browser

Counter-Strike is one of the most played online games of history, Many games like Fortnite or PUBG have got inspired by this PC game. And now I was so thrilled to know that you can just play this in a Browser. So what are you waiting for just visit and invite your friends or join one of the online servers. Just want to warn you to find a server to play with will be difficult (Due to huge demand) so do keep some patience and enjoy the game.

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z best budget bluetooth earphones

My requirement for wireless Bluetooth earphones are the following:

  • Comfort in using it for a longer duration of time. 4hrs or more.
  • Good battery life is a must
  • Easy to manage and handle in day to day usage.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z checks all my requirement list. It is quite easy to use and the best part is it has a quick toggle button to switch from one device to another (you can pair max 2 devices with it). The battery life is awesome it gives 20hrs of usage time after charging of max 30 mins or so. And it is quite comfortable to use to and I almost don’t remember that I am wearing it. So yes I highly recommend it and you can get yours for only 1999 INR from here is suggested you hurry as this are getting sold out.

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How to optimize and save space on Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most used photo backup services as it is free to use. But your Google drive do get used if you are uploading very high resolutions photos. Visit to know which google app is taking most space. Once you do that and if you see Google Photos in it you can either delete them or better you can downgrade it and still keep it by visiting Here u can see the unsupported videos (by Google Photos) and you can compress it and gain some space back.

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How to clean up and reduce your Gmail account size

Gmail was built so that we don’t have to delete any emails or even need to organize email as its search is powerful enough to find things. But after 16 yrs of use, I have started to stumble on size restrictions. One easy way is to find all big emails and delete them if not required.
To find big emails just type size:30MB in the search box and it will return all emails larger than 30 Megabytes. You can change the “30” to a higher, or lower, number to increase or decrease the number of results. You can change the size to KB if required. eg: ‘size:20KB’.

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Open Source SQL Editor and Database Manager

I am always looking out for Free SQL Manager especially for Mac. I have come across a new Beekeeper studio. It looks quite good and available for all 3 platforms PC, Mac and Linux. Few of the features of the Beekeeper studio are:
Connect with Confidence
Alongside normal connections, you can encrypt your connection with SSL, or tunnel through SSH. Save a connection password and Beekeeper Studio will make sure to encrypt it to keep it safe.
SQL Auto-Completion
Our built-in editor provides syntax highlighting and auto-complete suggestions for your tables so you can work quickly and easily.
Open Lots of Tabs
Open dozens of tabs so you can write multiple queries and tables in tandem without having to switch windows.
Save SQL Queries For Later
Easily save and organize commonly used queries so you can use them again and again across all your connections.
View Table Data
Tables get their own tabs too! Use our table view to sort and filter results by column.
You can download the installer from

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OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewall.
OpenSnitch does is track internet requests made by applications you have installed. OpenSnitch allows you to create rules for which apps to allow to access the internet and which to block. Each time an application that does not have a rule in place tries to access the internet, a dialog box appears. This dialog box gives you the option to allow or block the connection.
You can also decide whether this new rule applies to the process, the exact URL it is attempting to reach, the domain that it is attempting to reach, to this single instance, to this session or forever.
For more how to install and use check out

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Kids are swapping AirPods and using text-to-speech in class without being caught

You swap an AirPod with your friend and then use text-to-speech to communicate with them. The video shows someone using Google Translate, but any app could presumably be used just fine. And the results should be the same regardless.

This is a perfect way to communicate in class without getting notice or even cheat. For more information do check out here.

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