The Silver Searcher – A Code Searching Tool for Programmers

The Silver Searcher is a free and open source, cross platform source code searching tool similar to ack (a grep-like tool for programmers) but faster. It runs on Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.
The major difference between the silver searcher and ack is that the former is designed for speed, and benchmark tests prove that it is indeed faster.
If you spend a lot of time reading and searching through your code, then you need this tool. It aims at being fast and ignoring files that you don’t want to be searched.
Visit to see how to install and use the tool.

ag test /Dropbox/code
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Best ROM for Mi8 and other older Android Phones

After using MIUI12, which is quite sluggish.  There are many custom ROMs with many features inbuilt. Was looking around for a snappier ROM. Finally found a god send ROM RevengeOS. RevengeOS is an AOSP based custom ROM with a focus on performance and stability. There are not many features in this ROM but features are not the aim of RevengeOS, it focuses more on a snappy performance and by product of it is a good battery life on this ROM along with good performance. Earlier I was getting approx 4 to 5 hrs screen time on my phone which has now increased to 7 to 8 hrs. And I am happy :). It has breath a new life in my mobile and I don’t feel need to buy a new phone. Also all the banking apps are working on this ROM.
To download your copy for Mi8 visit:
for other ROMs check out
Process to Install ROM:
Download the ROM
– Backup each and every partition from TWRP Recovery(optional)
– Make a full wipe (system, vendor, data, cache, dalvik)
– Flash RevengeOS Package
– Flash gapps
– Wipe cache! -And at last Reboot!
[First boot will take few minutes! Have patience]
Clean Flash is always recommended!


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How to check speed of your website from different locations?

FastOrSlow does actual browser simulations from around 12 locations around the world. When we first architected it, we wanted to provide as many locations as possible including places like South Africa. That meant in some cases we needed actual bare-metal servers. So we built it on bare metal in data centre’s around the world.
It is as easy as typing your website url at Check it our today you will be surprised by how fast or slow your website is 😉

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How we can hack virtually : Hacking Google Maps

Google Maps is the most used app now not only by consumers but also by third-party apps like Uber, Ola, Zomato and many others. All of us rely on Google Maps for our daily commute.
This hack can show a virtually empty lane as a traffic jam. 99 second-hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jams in Google Maps. Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact on the physical world by navigating cars on another route to avoid being stuck in traffic.
As we have started depending more on tech. Sometimes we need to realize how tech can influence you.
Check out the video below to see the hack in action:

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Is your Mac slowing down or battery life is been reduced?

If you are facing slow down or battery life reduced more then 50% then what you were getting. You might be infected by Malicious cryptomining. Malicious cryptomining is when someone else is using your computer to mine cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This program utilizes full CPU power which leads to poor performance, PC keeping hot and draining battery life. Often using the Mac  Activity Monitor is enough to identify the culprit. Check out which program is taking most CPU power sometimes the name of programs will be mshelper (this is the most active malicious cryptomining).
Don’t visit sites which you are not sure of, as most of the time infection happens by browsing fishy sites like torrent search engines. So if you found one, killing the process will not help as it might get alive again. Follow this steps to remove mshelper from your Mac:
1. Kill mshelper process:

2. Delete following files from your Mac:
Library > LaunchDeamons > com.pplauncher.plist (file)
Library > Application Support > pplauncer (folder)
private > tmp > mshelper (folder)
3. Restart your Mac.
If you are using google chrome add No Coin extension which will block coin miners using your computer resources without your consent. You can install by clicking on this link:
for Firefox you and use following addons
So keep your Mac safe from Malicious cryptomining. If you have any question do post it in comments and we will get back to you.

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How to avoid getting sick

It is quite easy, the number one reason people get sick as due to contaminated things enter their bodies. The primary reason for this contamination is nothing but dirty hands.
Top food safety official at the USDA, puts it:
“There were many, many times in the course of the study that people had the opportunity to wash their hands — nearly 1,200 opportunities. Yet people failed almost all of the time, close to 98 percent of the time, the team found.”
You should always wash your hand before you eat anything. Normally we wash our hand with soap after eating, mostly to remove food odor from our hand. But you should do this before eating. If you’re not scrubbing your hands with soap under running water, they’re not getting clean. Also, make sure you are washing both the hands.
So remember next time when you sit to eat anything, make sure you have washed your hand with soap and water. This simple hack will make sure you are living a healthy life.

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Tips how to start bathing with cold (normal tap) water

I had written an article about benefits of having cold water, but its quite easy to fall back to having a bath with hot water. Reasons for this could be that you have fallen sick or caught cold etc.
I have a simple trick to switch back to following steps:

  1. Make sure you try to switch back to cold water bath in summers. This is a power of least resistance as in summers every one loves cold water.
  2. Start shower with mild hot water and then gradually move to cold water. With this gradual shift, you will not feel sudden gits of cold.
  3. Once you are comfortable with cold water enjoy the bath 😉

This has helped me and I am sure it will help you all too. Let me know in comments if did helped you are any another method which was more effective.

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