The Japanese practice of "forest bathing" is scientifically proven to improve your health

forest-bathingA forest bathing trip involves visiting a forest for relaxation and recreation while breathing in volatile substances, called phytoncides (wood essential oils), which are antimicrobial organic compounds derived from trees. Incorporating forest bathing trips into a good lifestyle was first proposed in 1982 by the Forest Agency of Japan. It has now become a recognized relaxation and stress management activity in Japan. It is also becoming a craze in other parts of the world.
For 24 hours in the forest it is confirmed to give a positive impact to our system, which results in healthy quality of life. Hundreds of field studies and research have proved that it improves physical and mental health.
Its where we belong, going back to Nature. So lets leave urban forest once in a while and visit a real forest. Let me know(in comments) when are you planning a trip to a forest, would love to join you if I can :).

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Basil (Tulsi) How to take care and benefits of Basil

basilBasil is very easy herb to grow and maintain. You just need to make sure proper sunlight and water is given to the plant. Planting near window where some sunlight comes is a ideal place to plant it. Basil is easily available from any plant nursery, it hardly cost anything. I got one for some 20 Rs only. Currently it is a right time to grow this plant. While planting make sure hole is their in the pot to remove excessive water.
Some Benefits of Basil:
1. Treats common cold and relieves cough. The juice of basil leaves can be used to bring down high temperature.
2. Basil leaves also are regarded as an anti-stress agent. Chewing the leaves daily can also help purify your blood.
3. Improves Vision, fresh basil leaves provide the recommended daily dose of vitamin A.For sore eyes, put two drops of black basil juice into the affected eye daily before going to bed.
4. Eliminates Kidney Stones. Basil has a strengthening effect on kidney functioning.
5. Basil is also good for your digestive system.
6. Relieves Headache
7. There is some evidence that Basil can help level out blood sugar if consumed regularly and drank as a juice or tea.
8. Its a natural mosquito repellent.
So I hope you also grow this multi purpose plant soon.

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Miniature Moss Garden

mossMoss is the most resilient plant which is low maintenance and easy to grow. Moss grow in wild special in the time of monsoon. You can get moss from a garden or in monsoon you will see it growing on a old wall etc. You will need following things to build your miniature moss garden:
1. A Glass jar
2. Charcoal
3. Few Stones
4. Soil
5. Spoon or Fork
moss-spoonUse a Spoon or Fork to scoop the moss with some soil beneath it and put it in a Container. Make sure to take some dirt from the same place as this will keep the same environment and chances of healthly growth is more.
Steps for planting a moss:
1.Clean the Glass jar with water.
2. Add one layer of Stones.
3. Upon stones crush charcoal and put thin layer of powder on the stones. This will help purify water.
4. Put some dirt or soil from where you picked up the moss from.
5. Finally add the moss on top and put few stones / miniature figures on top of it to make it look cool.
Currently is the best time in India to get moss. So what are you waiting for, go out and create you own moss miniature garden. This will surely make you desk pretty and it doesn’t take much of the space too. The best part is it is so low in maintenance it only needs water every couple of days. Try out and let me know your valuable feedback as always.
Update :In hotter days (Oct to Nov and March to June in Indian) you need to pour more water so that moss doesn’t dry.

DIY: How to grow dates plant from seeds

Dates are one of the most delicious fruits you can have. Its very health and have no side effects (can be taken by a diabetic person too).
Dates tree are not straight forward to plant and grow there are various steps and you require patience to grow a Dates tree. But its surely fun and satisfying to grow one. To plant a Dates tree you need to follow this steps:
1. Get a seed of Dates (can get from any dates you eat) clean it in water and keep it sock in a water bowl for 2 days. Take few seeds three or four as not all will germinate.
IMG_15222. After 2 days take a ziplock bag put a tissue paper in it and pour some water in it. Take the dates seeds and put it in the bag and try and keep the bag near a window so that it can get some warm and heat. Make sure it never dries out. Keep in the bag for at least 20 to 25 days.
date-roots3. You will see that a white root will start to come out of some seeds. Keep in the ziplock bag till the roots are large enough or you see leaf growing from another side.
IMG_15204. Once the roots are large enough remove it from the bag and plant it in the pot.
Dates tree takes 4 years to grow to a full size you will need to change the pots as it grows. Do try it out and let us know your experience of the same. Enjoy 🙂