OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z best budget bluetooth earphones

My requirement for wireless Bluetooth earphones are the following:

  • Comfort in using it for a longer duration of time. 4hrs or more.
  • Good battery life is a must
  • Easy to manage and handle in day to day usage.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z checks all my requirement list. It is quite easy to use and the best part is it has a quick toggle button to switch from one device to another (you can pair max 2 devices with it). The battery life is awesome it gives 20hrs of usage time after charging of max 30 mins or so. And it is quite comfortable to use to and I almost don’t remember that I am wearing it. So yes I highly recommend it and you can get yours for only 1999 INR from here is suggested you hurry as this are getting sold out.

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Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

Augmented reality vs virtual realityVirtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR)are 2 new avenue in tech today.
Virtual reality is all about the creation of a virtual world that users can interact with. This virtual world should be designed in such a way that users would find it difficult to tell the difference from what is real and what is not. Furthermore, VR is usually achieved by the wearing of a VR helmet or goggles.
Augmented reality is the blending of virtual reality and real life, as developers can create images within applications that blend in with contents in the real world. With AR, users are able to interact with virtual contents in the real world, and are able to distinguish between the two.
Many companies are jumping into bandwagon of VR like Google, Samsung, HTC etc. Reason of this is the cost of producing a VR is now quite low as your mobile handset is used as screen, gyroscope etc. Only cost is now a holder for the device and a remote control to use it.
Still I think current stage of VR is just a novelty, as still there are no clear use of them. You need quite amount of space to use VR (if you have to move with it). Also wearing a bulky headset has it limitations.
On the other hand Augmented Reality (AR) is ahead of Virtual Reality, as there are several products already on the market. Also AR use the creativity to merge fiction with real world, which in itself is spell bounding. Current launch of gaming app Pokémon Go is the perfect example of AR. In Pokémon Go you catch fictional Pokémon in real world. It is a fun game to play and now it has over pass twitter in daily usage just after 2 weeks of launch.
Hence personally if you ask me, my money’s on AR. Let me know your views in comments.

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2015 Annual Review

Happy-New-YearIts a time of the year when we all audit of what went well and what we should be looking forward to.
3 questions that I’m going to answer to review my self and compare to my last year commitment.

  1. What went well this year?
  2. What didn’t go so well this year?
  3. What am I working toward?

1. What went well this year?
Writing: I have written 84 articles this year. Target was to write at least 2 articles in a week. Had started this ritual from July of 2014 and have followed it and tried to make it as a habit. Have missed 20 days but still have kept going on. It was one of the best writing year but have to achieve a lot ahead. Also the viewership of my blog has increased.
Read Books: Had plan to read minimum a books a month. Had a fun time reading various books and have blogged about my thoughts about the book so that I can remember and refer it back when I needed. I have read 12 books this year and you can check out all of them by clicking here.
Travel: I would love to travel at least one country every year. This year it was USA have visited 2 states in USA with family so it was good fun. Also been to various places in India (Coimbatore, Banswara) which I have never visited before.
Give time to family and friends: Had spent good times with my friends at the end of the year. We had great time, need to do it more this year if time and occasion permits.
2. What didn’t go so well this year?
Creating new Apps: Had revamp app for android. But have still not able to find any new ideas for a new app yet. If you have any do let me know.
Exercise: Last year I was working out for 30 mins per day at least 3 to 4 times a week. This year exercise time have reduce to 10 mins max. Have to schedule proper timing to do exercise again in routine.
Sleep: Last year my average hr of sleep is been around 6hrs per day. Have to increase it to at least 7 to 8 hrs per day.
3. What am I working toward?
Writing schedule: Have to be more consistent with my writing schedule. Also have to write more quality and in detail stuff.
Expand my business: Have to start working on my business and have to give more time to it. Have to expand my business portfolio too. Looking for new partnership and ventures this year. Need to make current existing web app mobile friendly too (admonere auto reminder etc).
Be more Productive: Last year have invested a lot of time in consumption of lot of media. This year have to reduce this and use the same time in more productive way. There are many projects I would love to start, but never find time for it, this year targeting to start and complete them if I can.
I am not a expert and trying to learn many thing out many things myself. Have improved my life and way of thinking in 2015 and I am looking forward for new adventures and learning in 2016.
PS: My 2014 Annual Review

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BitTorrent Sync Just what doctor ordered : awesome secured backup solution

logoIf you need to Sync to folders over the internet (either PC or MAC) currently there  was no free solution which was easy to implement. Finally BitTorrent has releases a software to do just that. Its free it can sync between different OS (MAC/PC/Linux). Its easy to setup and its fast as it uses BitTorrent distributed technology.
So Now I can have a back up of all My Media (Photos / Videos) files over the Internet on another location for safe keeping. It is still in experimental mode but it works beautifully check out more at:

20 days without a Smart Phone .. Get control of your Life

So how does it feel after 20 days without a Smart Phone?
I sold off my Samsung Note and switch to a Nokia e63 for last 20 days. Some people must have though that I am crazy to do this. But here are some Pro’s and Con’s
Life is much more relaxed without constant connectivity with internet.
No distraction of continuous emails to disturb you.
Better battery life.
Phone is primary used as a phone for calling and texting 🙂
I got more time to do things I wanted to do. Smart Phone is replacing TV as the number one time waster. As sometime you just keep on using the phone without actually doing anything productive .. its just like changing channels on your TV.
I missed the connectivity of smart phone for a while but then got used to it.
I missed better camera of Smart Phone.
I missed reading of books on my Smart Phone.
I missed the constant sharing of text, pictures etc
I have learned to be more disciplined with my experience without a Smart Phone.  I have learned that if you have access at your finger tips, it doesn’t imply that you have to use it. I have learned to pace my work, my time, my life as I want it to be. And if there is something important people will always find a alternate method to contact you regardless of email or whatsapp etc.
I suggest you to try it out yourself to induce discipline in your life. And I would suggest that you repeat whenever you realise that you now forgetting the lesson.
PS: Currently I am using Nexus 4 for those who wanted to know.