OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z best budget bluetooth earphones

My requirement for wireless Bluetooth earphones are the following:

  • Comfort in using it for a longer duration of time. 4hrs or more.
  • Good battery life is a must
  • Easy to manage and handle in day to day usage.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z checks all my requirement list. It is quite easy to use and the best part is it has a quick toggle button to switch from one device to another (you can pair max 2 devices with it). The battery life is awesome it gives 20hrs of usage time after charging of max 30 mins or so. And it is quite comfortable to use to and I almost don’t remember that I am wearing it. So yes I highly recommend it and you can get yours for only 1999 INR from here is suggested you hurry as this are getting sold out.

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Now detects Junk emails

  helps you track junk emails. This will help you reduce the cost of sending your messages out as you save money by removing the bad emails from your email lists.
Junk emails are the email addresses where email account are dead.  Now system detects automatically this type of emails which gets bounced and flag them as suspected bad emails which you can see on your dashboard. Then you just need to see the list and either mark this email as unsubscribe so that you save money by not sending this emails OR mark them as valid emails so emails will be send to them.
Hope you all like this new feature and take full advantage of it and send your emails wisely and smartly 🙂

Email Marketing effectiveness

Email Marketing is a form direct mail marketing. The hope is to encourage customers to buy your products or services, effective mass mailing with a strategy can be very fruitful. Through emails you can spread your message directly to your customers, there are no middle man hence its still the most effective way of marketing. Also effectiveness of Email Marketing is track able too.

Following are the goals of Email Marketing:

Reaching Customers
  • Main goal of your email is that it get read by your target the customers and prospects who want to hear from you. Make sure email is well written and interesting to read. If you can add special discounts code to the emails. Not only will this encourage your customers to open and read your emails, they will look forward to them. Nicely designed HTML emails have shown to be more effective than plain text messages, so keep aesthetics in mind when creating your mailings.
Track Effectiveness
  • Tracking the effectiveness of your email campaign is a must. This will help you discover the number of customers that are reading and responding to your messages. It also helps you to test different key messages, HTML designs and discount offers so you know which ones are resulting in the highest number of sales. The more information you collect the better you can design your messages and target your customers to make your email marketing as effective as possible.

One of the tool which you can use to for Email Marketing is Simple , Affordable and Powerful email marketing tools that is easy to use by which you can send Mass Emails to your customers and track how many have actually opened the email to read. Also you can try out the actual system for FREE which DONT need any CREDIT CARD for registration. Its a simple 4 steps tool by which you can start your Email Marketing. So what are you waiting for try out now Click here to Register.

Friends to Gmail

One of he most frustrating part of facebook is there is no export friends data. We have export to csv or xls in all other products which have our contacts like emails (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc) but there is no option of the same in facebook.
Bur check out this app this online app helps us to export the facebook friends data in to a csv. Then you can open it in excel and save it as xls. This xls file can be directly imported in Admonere so that you can automate birthday wishes for your friends. Check out now and take back control of your life.

101st Milaad Mubarak Count Down

We are creating countdowns for 101st Milaad Mubarak of His Holiness, the 52nd Dai al-Mutlaq, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS).
We are hoping for making countdowns for various platforms starting with following:
Windows PC: Click here to download (Make sure .Net Framework is installed)
iGoogle Gadget: Click here to download
NEW Windows 7 Gadget: Click here to download
NEW Android App here we come click here to download
NEW BlackBerry App click here to download
Hang on working on other Add ons

Support the continued development of this gadget

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