Maximum only 5 items should be in a Priority List

Priority-ListIn today’s busy life priority keeps on increasing. We all have been taught how to do multi tasking, even if that is not working at all. We tend to keep priority list which keeps on increasing and finally nothing gets done. Hence I have come to a conclusion not to keep more then 5 things in my priority list. This will work for all the decision I make during the day. This 5 things becomes my guiding principal for my daily work routine. This even helps remove distraction, as you can avoid doing other things which doesn’t fall in with your 5 things in priority list.

So let us start reducing our priority list to only 5 things.

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Invest just 5 minutes at start and end of your day


Maintain a daily log of how did you utilize your day. You can also write down list of things you want to achieve today. To make proper use of your day do invest 5 min at the start of the day to write down Just 1 major thing you want to achieve today. This will keep you focus for throughout the day and will give you a goal to pursuit.

5 minutes at the end of the day to review your day. To check what did you accomplished today and did you try and achieve the goal you  had targeted today.

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