Virtually Visit 31 National Parks in the United States Using Google Maps

If your dream park happens to be across the country rather than in your backyard, Google is offering guided tours of 31 different US parks this week as well, allowing you to virtually explore those spots that you might not otherwise be able to get to.

You can access the park tours here. (For the best experience make sure to open this link in Chrome Browser)

Parks include Badlands National Park, Big Bend, Death Valley, Everglades National Park, Joshua Tree, Mount Rainer and more. Enjoy.

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Visit new places from your browser itself.

Wouldn’t it be cool to visit new places everytime you open chrome or firefox. The extension pulls up a new image of a curated location from Google Earth to fill the background of any new browser tabs you open. If you want to learn a little more about the location you’re looking at, you can tap on the little globe icon in the lower-right corner of your window to be taken directly to the image’s location in Google Earth.
Try out today Earth View from Google Earth (Chrome, Firefox)

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