Software is eating the world

There is a constant rise in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI has now come to a level where it can be used in practical life. This will surely reduce the need for many labor class job to start with.

This year itself we can see many layoffs and most of this is due to automation. The software is now the most powerful economy in the world. Cryptocurrency is trying to replace the actual currency we use. Earlier we use to organize our photos and documents, now we have become so depended on software like Google etc which enables users to find things faster than we can find by organizing it. We cannot do simple calculation any more either we use assistance like Alexa or google or finally, we tend to use a calculator app. We don’t need to drive cars very soon as that will be controlled by Auto driving software again.

We have become so depended on Softwares, that we don’t have any backup for them and we will become a handicap if someday all these software seems to be taken away from us.

Nowadays one cannot live a day without their smartphones. We have to rethink what type of future do we want. And we need to act now or we have already become a slave to the software.

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