Finally catched all catchable Pokemon Go

allpokemonPokemon Go is the most talked about game currently in market. It is still not released in many countries including India. Still if you can get your hands on to apk or ios installable file you can install it and use it.

After usage of almost 1 month now, I have managed to capture all available pokemon (except Ditto,Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,Mewtwo,Mew which are still not available to catch).

Few of pokemon are regional specific so you have to either use bots and spoof gps to capture them. This can be avoided only once Pokemon Go allows trading of pokemon.

Its a fun game which is highly recommended. So I am sure you all must me playing it or thinking about playing it once its launched in your country.

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Pokemon Go Naming Hack

pokemon-eevee-brothers-700x389.jpg.optimalThis might be a easter egg or something very cool by Pokemon Go.

If you name your Eevee either ‘Pyro’, ‘Sparky’, or ‘Rainer’, it will evolve into a Flareon, a Jolteon, or a Vaporeon respectively.

And while this might seem random or silly on the surface, it’s actually a pretty neat throwback to the original Pokémon anime. In an episode titled “The Battling Eevee Brothers”, Ash met three brothers who were named ‘Rainer’, ‘Sparky’, and ‘Pyro’, and can you guess what Pokémon each of them had? Yep, exactly.

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