How to remove my number from Truecaller database

truecallunlistTruecaller is very intrusive on privacy. Anyone stored your contact details and installed Truecaller app can share your contact which can be identified by any one using Truecaller app. There is a paid version too which gives more detail information.

You can remove your mobile contact details from Truecaller database follow this steps:
1. If you have verified your phone number, you first need to deactivate your account in the app. This is to ensure that it is the actual owner who wishes to unlist their phone number. To deactivate your account on:

  • Android/iPhone: Open the app, navigate to – Go to Settings > About > Deactivate account.
  • Windows Phone: Open the app navigate to – Press on your name in the top right corner  > Press on the “3-dot menu” > Deactivate.
  • You will need to do for every account you might have registered by (google,facebook etc).

2. To unlist your number, please go to

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