How to Delete Your Tweets

A few days ago had posted how to delete facebook post and got a lot of request about how to delete Tweets so here it is today. You can do that by visiting

First, you authorize Cardigan to view your tweets and to delete tweets on your behalf.

Cardigan will then fetch your tweets (this can take several seconds, so please be patient!). You can now scroll through your tweets to find the ones you want to delete. Clicking on a tweet will select it as a candidate for deletion. Clicking on it again will unselect it.

You can sort your tweets in useful ways:

  • Newest to oldest – just like on Twitter
  • Oldest to newest
  • Most to least retweets
  • Most to least favorites

You can filter your teets, restricting them to just retweets or just replies.

You can also search for tweets containing specific words, hashtags or usernames.

Clicking “Delete All” will delete all the tweets that currently match your filters.

Clicking “Delete Selected” will delete just the ones you’ve clicked on.

You will then be asked to confirm that you really want to proceed. Once you confirm, the list of tweets to delete will be uploaded to Cardigan’s servers, and then deleted.

You can view the deletion progress, but please note that this can take some time, especially when the site is busy.

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