Enable Chrome’s New Dark Mode on Android

As most of my friends know I love dark themes and more of dark mode everywhere digital as well as in a real environment. Dark mode usually helps reduce strain on eyes as well also extend battery life on OLED screens. So Now you can enable this in Chrome latest version. Its a hack as of now to enable it to follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome, type “chrome://flags” into the URL bar. This will take you to Chrome’s flag settings.
  2. In search bar then search for “Android Chrome UI dark mode,” which should jump you straight to the correct flag setting.
  3. Tap the flag’s drop-down box and change the setting from “default” to “enabled,” then restart Chrome.
  4. When the app is open again, tap the Menu button, then go to Settings>Dark Mode. 

Once you have made this changes Dark Mode will be enabled and you can enjoy it 🙂

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