How to load game from usb for Wii

This is just for educational purpose.

This work only after Homebrew Channel is install, for instruction on how to install Homebrew Channel click here.

You will require 2 softwares:

1.Download USB Loader GX (2.0 r1037) from HERE

2. WBFS Manager from HERE. (64-bit version of WBFS Manager, download from HERE; if you need MAC download HERE. )


Steps of installing:

1. Adding Software in Wii first:

  1. USB Loader GX – Quick install information; after using WinRar, 7-Zip, or RarZilla to extract the USBLoaderGX rar file, there will be a number of folders that are to be copied to the SD card.
  2. Copy the USBLoaderGX folder to the Apps folder on your SD card. This is the homebrew app version of USB Loader GX and will run from the HBC menu.
  3. Wad folder-in the wad folder will be two files; to run USB Loader GX as a channel, copy the file usually named USB Loader GX rXXX-ULNR.wad to the wad folder on your SD card. Install this wad using Wad Manager.
  4. Copy the folders named codes, config, images, and txtcodes unchanged to the Root directory of your SD card. Note that the images folders are where you will store game cover art.


2. WBFS Manager

After downloading run the setup and install the software. Run the Software and attach a usb HDD or atleast 4GB USB . The USB drive which you are going to use will be reserved for Wii and you will not be able to use it on a PC.

Now Click the Refesh Drive List and select the USB drive on which you will load the ISO.

Click on format and format the USB so that its now ready to be used as Wii USB drive.

Once Formatted load the drive.

On the right side choose the ISO which you want to load and transfer it back to USB.

Once done remove the USB and attach it to Wii.


Select USB Loader GX from home screen and you will see the games. Select a game to play. You can also download covers for the game. Enjoy 🙂


For any queries just post a comment and we will get back to you. Till than Happy Hacking 😉



2 thoughts on “How to load game from usb for Wii

  • at

    I really liked your hack…..can u elaborate more as I can’t understand it much and i wanna play mario cart wii without an actual disk.

    • at

      Do follow the steps and I am sure you can do it.


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