Format your Laptop / PC once a year

As we keep on using our Laptop / PC it tends to slow down also it starts accumulating Apps and lots of files which are not needed. Also, a lot of OS updates and Apps updates tend to accumulate lots of files and logs which are not required anymore, this also tends to slow down the system. Now I am making this habit to just Format my laptops both at home and office once every year. But before doing so make sure you backup all the critical files you need.

Following is the process I follow:

  1. My most critical files are either backed up using Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. Those files which are residing locally, I go thru them and delete those not needed.
  3. Back up all the files on an external drive.
  4. Make a list of software which I need. I keep installable of them backed on the external drive too.
  5. Next, I just format the drive and install the software. I use Mac so it quite an easy process which you can check out in this video (You have to make sure you can connect to the Internet as Mac reinstall requires internet)
  6.  After reinstall which takes roughly 30 mins or so. Install all the software I need.
  7.  I start putting files which I backed up in organized fashion.

That’s it, You get the feel of a brand new laptop and also clean up your dirt which keeps creeping on by a year of usage. I strongly suggest you do the same and feel the experience of bliss and happiness which I get out of it :). Try out and let me know your experience in the comments below.

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