Grayscale the Web Chrome extension

Removes all color from websites, turning them gray. Can be set for specific sites and tabs, or for all sites.

Can’t stop surfing the web? You may not realize it, but all of that color is designed to hijack your brain and keep you browsing.

Grayscale the Web is a great solution to help with this. It removes all of the colors, giving sites a plain, grayed outlook. They will appear much more boring, and that’s the whole point. You’ll soon find that time-wasting sites hold your attention less, and this will hopefully help you focus on whatever it is you really need to be doing.

Grayscale the Web lets you turn on grayscale for all sites, specific tabs, or whatever sites you choose. You can also exclude specific sites from turning gray when using all sites or specific tab settings.

Click the Grayscale the Web icon in your chrome menu bar to use the pop-up menu to change settings, or click the ‘Manage Saved/Excluded Sites’ link there to go to the options page to manually manage and add or remove sites.

You can install the extension from here.

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