DIY: How to grow dates plant from seeds


Dates are one of the most delicious fruits you can have. Its very health and have no side effects (can be taken by a diabetic person too).

Dates tree are not straight forward to plant and grow there are various steps and you require patience to grow a Dates tree. But its surely fun and satisfying to grow one. To plant a Dates tree you need to follow this steps:


1. Get a seed of Dates (can get from any dates you eat) clean it in water and keep it sock in a water bowl for 2 days. Take few seeds three or four as not all will germinate.




IMG_15222. After 2 days take a ziplock bag put a tissue paper in it and pour some water in it. Take the dates seeds and put it in the bag and try and keep the bag near a window so that it can get some warm and heat. Make sure it never dries out. Keep in the bag for at least 20 to 25 days.




date-roots3. You will see that a white root will start to come out of some seeds. Keep in the ziplock bag till the roots are large enough or you see leaf growing from another side.




IMG_15204. Once the roots are large enough remove it from the bag and plant it in the pot.





Dates tree takes 4 years to grow to a full size you will need to change the pots as it grows. Do try it out and let us know your experience of the same. Enjoy 🙂

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