How to always keep Touch Bar in Mac to standard setting

Touch Bar in Mac is either loved or hated as of now. I am not totally sold on Touch Bar idea and don’t like it keeps on changing as per App you are using. I love the normal Mac bar which used to exist before. So there is a way by which you can get it back.

    1. Go to the  Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”
    2. Choose the “Keyboard” preference panel and then select the “Keyboard” tab of the control panel
    3. Look for “Touch Bar shows:” and pull down the dropdown menu alongside that, choosing “Expanded Control Strip”

  1. Confirm the Touch Bar screen is now showing the touch buttons for escape key, brightness, Mission Control, sound, etc, then exit out of System Preferences as usual

Effectively you’re stopping the little Touch Bar screen from changing appearance and functionality constantly with each app and depending on what’s going on on screen, so the Touch Bar remains consistent and behaves slightly more like a regular keyboard function row, except it’s still a tiny touch screen of course.

If you don’t like the Touch Bar, then disabling Touch Bar functionality this way is about as close to a normal keyboard experience you can get on the current MacBook Pro lineup.

Of course, disabling the Touch Bar is not going to magically give you back a physical Escape key or the other physical buttons that are missing, but it may help you to use the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar keyboard if you’ve found yourself frustrated with it’s behavior, and thus some MacBook Pro with Touch Bar users may appreciate this option.

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