Miniature Moss Garden

mossMoss is the most resilient plant which is low maintenance and easy to grow. Moss grow in wild special in the time of monsoon. You can get moss from a garden or in monsoon you will see it growing on a old wall etc. You will need following things to build your miniature moss garden:
1. A Glass jar
2. Charcoal
3. Few Stones
4. Soil
5. Spoon or Fork

moss-spoonUse a Spoon or Fork to scoop the moss with some soil beneath it and put it in a Container. Make sure to take some dirt from the same place as this will keep the same environment and chances of healthly growth is more.

Steps for planting a moss:
1.Clean the Glass jar with water.
2. Add one layer of Stones.
3. Upon stones crush charcoal and put thin layer of powder on the stones. This will help purify water.
4. Put some dirt or soil from where you picked up the moss from.
5. Finally add the moss on top and put few stones / miniature figures on top of it to make it look cool.

Currently is the best time in India to get moss. So what are you waiting for, go out and create you own moss miniature garden. This will surely make you desk pretty and it doesn’t take much of the space too. The best part is it is so low in maintenance it only needs water every couple of days. Try out and let me know your valuable feedback as always.

Update :In hotter days (Oct to Nov and March to June in Indian) you need to pour more water so that moss doesn’t dry.

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