Open Source SQL Editor and Database Manager

I am always looking out for Free SQL Manager especially for Mac. I have come across a new Beekeeper studio. It looks quite good and available for all 3 platforms PC, Mac and Linux. Few of the features of the Beekeeper studio are:

Connect with Confidence
Alongside normal connections, you can encrypt your connection with SSL, or tunnel through SSH. Save a connection password and Beekeeper Studio will make sure to encrypt it to keep it safe.

SQL Auto-Completion
Our built-in editor provides syntax highlighting and auto-complete suggestions for your tables so you can work quickly and easily.

Open Lots of Tabs
Open dozens of tabs so you can write multiple queries and tables in tandem without having to switch windows.

Save SQL Queries For Later
Easily save and organize commonly used queries so you can use them again and again across all your connections.

View Table Data
Tables get their own tabs too! Use our table view to sort and filter results by column.

You can download the installer from

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