Book Review : Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell is certainly a provocative book, enough so that despite my anger and frustration I finished reading it in the hope it would conclude with a complex and thoughtful analysis of why our differences and history result in so much misunderstanding when strangers interact with each other.

Sadly my expectations were not realized. The real-life examples that he used were not truly examined in-depth and the lack of complexity often left me frustrated. I may just be unable to feel any sympathy for a convicted sex offender like Brock Turner, even if he drank too much, I just don’t see that as an excuse for his behavior. But that was the basis I got from that example, they were both drunk and so there was a misunderstanding when I was waiting for rape culture to be brought up and added into the mix. Maybe the author doesn’t see rape culture as a problem or a factor in this case.

I am sure there are people that will benefit from reading this book, it certainly isn’t bad. If you want to read it click here to get your copy.

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