Mac application that displays all open files and sockets

Sloth is a Mac application that displays all open files and sockets in use by all running processes on your system. This makes it easy to inspect which apps are using which files and sockets.

View all open files, directories, IP sockets, devices, Unix domain sockets and pipes
Filter by name, access mode, volume, type, location, or using regular expressions
Sort by name, process ID, user etc.
View IP socket status, protocol and version
View sockets and pipes established between processes
Inspection window with detailed macOS and Unix file/socket/process info
Powerful contextual menu for file operations
In-app authentication to run with root privileges
Sloth is essentially a friendly, exploratory graphical user interface built on top of the lsof command line tool. The output of lsof is parsed and shown in a searchable, filterable outline view with all sorts of convenient additional functionality.

Sloth can also be installed via Homebrew:

$ brew cask install sloth

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