Basil (Tulsi) How to take care and benefits of Basil

basilBasil is very easy herb to grow and maintain. You just need to make sure proper sunlight and water is given to the plant. Planting near window where some sunlight comes is a ideal place to plant it. Basil is easily available from any plant nursery, it hardly cost anything. I got one for some 20 Rs only. Currently it is a right time to grow this plant. While planting make sure hole is their in the pot to remove excessive water.

Some Benefits of Basil:

1. Treats common cold and relieves cough. The juice of basil leaves can be used to bring down high temperature.

2. Basil leaves also are regarded as an anti-stress agent. Chewing the leaves daily can also help purify your blood.

3. Improves Vision, fresh basil leaves provide the recommended daily dose of vitamin A.For sore eyes, put two drops of black basil juice into the affected eye daily before going to bed.

4. Eliminates Kidney Stones. Basil has a strengthening effect on kidney functioning.

5. Basil is also good for your digestive system.

6. Relieves Headache

7. There is some evidence that Basil can help level out blood sugar if consumed regularly and drank as a juice or tea.

8. Its a natural mosquito repellent.


So I hope you also grow this multi purpose plant soon.

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