Moving from 3G to Edge (2g)


3G Internet connection on mobile device is one of the fastest way to connect in Inida (waiting for 4G).  Edge connection in comparison is quite slow. For a month I am moving to Edge from 3G connection for following reasons:

1. Always connected with a good Internet connection some time is more distractive then productive

2. Patience is another factor. I generally lack patience (may be due to I am Aries ;)) so with slow connection as a tool it will teach me how to keep patience in my live.

3. I have good connection speeds at office and home so only time I need to use mobile internet is when I am traveling or our of office.

4. On a technical stand point of view I get to know how well mobiles app works on a low bandwidth too.

One thought on “Moving from 3G to Edge (2g)

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    Truly, getting back to Edge is something very thoughtful and delighting – yeah that’s true because its then you will cherish the natural communication – the telepathy, the feelings – when did you get that gut feeling… which used to work as charm in those to hint of friend coming over to getting into trouble to having nice… Alas this need for speed has killed our inbuilt – super fast, 1000 G +, next to nothing, unbreakable, friendly encrypted – heavenly network.

    I am going to apply the same as here we have 4G and I quite seldom meet people who say its not fast at times… means its never going to end the hunger for speed.

    Thanks for sharing your idea.


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