Android Launcher which is optimised for Power Saving

Currently, its my Android Launcher and I am loving it :). I am in an obsession with a device having longer battery life. Power+ Launcher will help you to optimize your app and background processes. It calculates according to your usage and shows how much time battery will last on the main screen itself. It is once of the most important feature to have.

Power+ Launcher is a minimalist launcher that reduces battery power consumption to the extreme. This launcher will close unnecessary apps and processes in a background to make your phone faster and extend battery time by 50%.

Power+ Launcher is a highly optimized Android battery saver. Intelligently this smart launcher detects, analyze the running apps and close the unnecessary ones. Through in-depth memory boost, it can effectively save battery power and extend the stand-by time by 50%.

Try it our yourself best part is it is free and without any ads. You can install it by clicking here.

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