Book review: The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life

Read this book on Tim Ferriss’ recommendation. Did not disappoint. Helped me understand why I so love tracking in the wild. And helped me understand my own life.

We follow the author and two of his mentors/ friends as they track a lion for the game reserves’ clients. Along the journey the author imparts wisdom of reconnecting not only to nature but to following intently something you want but do not know where it will lead.

There are many good lines such as just find the next track, and once’s you’ve done that, fine the next next track. Or the saying “I don’t know where I’m going but I know how to get there” they both seem not practice in the long wrong but that’s only because of social queues and practices that make us think we must have it all planned then execute.

The author speaks at length about people waiting for a better moment, a break, retirement, before doing what they really want or need. And whilst they wait they are not present in their own life.

Besides the global find your thing and do it, there are also great little ways of being. Such as the older man’s saying of, “what’s going on there?” Instead of “look what’s happening over there!” The former invite interest, curiosity and education. The other is a lesson or worse a command.

This book is not all self help, it don’t give tips or what you should do, just tells you to be aware of your own life. Track what makes you happy, and notice what doesn’t.

This is one of those books that is important to the life of each individual and our society as a whole. Such powerful lessons that apply to all aspects of life.

Riveting storytelling with a simple but powerful and convincing message. Enjoyable and insightful. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to find their way and “get on track.”

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