Games for kids which can help them grow

The current generation of kids are more connected to devices then we will be. It is very difficult to avoid phones or tablets from kids. This resistance can also be harmful, so what is the next best option is to allow games which you think will help them grow.

One such game is Jumble Words, there are many version of this game. The one which I liked works on the most Android platform and is suitable for kids is JUMBLE – 10000+ Words! JUMBLE is a simple word puzzle where you find the correct word from a scrambled set of letters. You need to use all the given letters. Multiple correct answers are possible.

Care has been taken to include clean good quality words so that it is suitable for kids as well. Easily lookup word meanings, pronunciation etc. in the online dictionary.

The game suits solitary offline gameplay, but you can play it with your family and friends for even more fun. Choose to play leisurely with the Happy Play mode, learn new words with the Word Power mode or race against the clock in Countdown mode.

It also comes with a Voice option. Just try speaking the word instead of typing! Enjoy a variety of themes to suit your mood. All levels are unlocked, so if you are good at jumbles, just jump to the difficult levels.

Have unlimited fun with words, with Android’s most downloaded jumble game today! It is free, lightweight and needs no device permissions.

You get this from Google Play store by clicking here.

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