How to avoid getting sick

It is quite easy, the number one reason people get sick as due to contaminated things enter their bodies. The primary reason for this contamination is nothing but dirty hands.

Top food safety official at the USDA, puts it:

“There were many, many times in the course of the study that people had the opportunity to wash their hands — nearly 1,200 opportunities. Yet people failed almost all of the time, close to 98 percent of the time, the team found.”

You should always wash your hand before you eat anything. Normally we wash our hand with soap after eating, mostly to remove food odor from our hand. But you should do this before eating. If you’re not scrubbing your hands with soap under running water, they’re not getting clean. Also, make sure you are washing both the hands.

So remember next time when you sit to eat anything, make sure you have washed your hand with soap and water. This simple hack will make sure you are living a healthy life.

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